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Manufacturer & Exporter of Cocopeat, Coir & Agriculture Products

Duinkop Enterprises (P) Ltd., located in the Coimbatore district of South India, was established in 1996. Specializing in the manufacturing and export of premium coco peat products, our company is strategically situated in the heart of coconut county amidst vast plantations spanning thousands of acres. Our advantageous location, coupled with an abundance of high-quality raw materials and favorable climatic conditions, enables us to excel in manufacturing operations.

Duinkop has emerged as a leading processor of top-tier coco peat material, having invested significantly in skilled personnel, cutting-edge machinery, and state-of-the-art sustainability practices. Our production facility is manned by a team of seasoned experts boasting extensive knowledge, each contributing over 20 years of dedicated service to the company since its inception.

Our Infrastructure

Why choose us?

Duinkop Enterprises (P) Ltd, situated on a sprawling 100-acre expanse in Dasanaickenpalam village, Pollachi Taluk, within the Coimbatore District of Southern India, boasts a factory area surrounded by drought-resistant Coconut tree varieties. Our coconut plantation exclusively uses freshwater, resulting in raw materials with low salt content, initiating quality control early in the coco peat processing.Our infrastructure highlights include:

Skilled Workforce

Efficient production management with a skilled workforce.

Adequate Storage

Adequate atmospheric storage with comprehensive material maturity records.

Holistic Facilities

Very comprehensive transportation and processing facilities.

Quality Assurance

In-house production and quality testing Laboratories .

Scalable Infrastructure

600,000 sq ft open dry yard with concrete flooring.

Robust Facility

Capacity for processing substantial volumes of buffered coco peat.

Exceptional Marketing

Inhouse Marketing and Customer support team is our strength.

Cutting-Edge Machinery

Modern briquette making and fiber cutting machines.

With a commitment to quality, our priority is meticulous loading and packing of consignments. Ropes and straps secure bullrings at upper and lower corners of container sidewalls, preventing pallet displacement. This ensures our customers experience minimal hassles, allowing them to focus on their final product.



Cocopeat Block - 5kg Block

These blocks are best used in large-scale nurseries, garden centers, large-scale commercial growers of flowers and fruits. They can be also loaded in 'naked' form. The absence of plastic shrink means less disposal work making it convenient for the buyer. Shrink wrapped blocks can also be given on request.

These 5 kg cocopeat / Coir Pith bales with approximately 75-90 liters of water will have a maximum expansion when it is allowed to stay for 10-20 minutes. This coco peat can be used as a stand-alone growing or blended with other growing mediums.

project image
project image

Coir Products - 650 Grams Brick

These 100% natural organic growing Cocopeat Briquettes are ideal for Home gardens. These are sold in large-scale retail outlets. They can be carried in hand as they are low in weight. This rectangular brick weighing 650 grams can be either individually shrink wrapped or can be placed in carton boxes. The brick can be supplied with or without buyers printed labels. They are excellent for propagation, water retention, soil aeration and seed germination. These bricks can be used in potting, seed starting, bulbs and tubers.

Grow Bag

The grow bags can be produced in different sizes with different composition material (with or without drain holes/plant holes) based on your requirements.

Husk / Crush Chips

We have the capacity to produce husk chips in following parameters

  • 0-15mm
  • 4-8mm
  • 8-15mm

Cut Fiber

We have fiber cutting machines that can cut brown beater fiber to below 2 cm and compressed into suitable bales. These fibers can be processed as per the clients requirement i.e., below 0.5 EC or 1 E.C.

  • Quality Specs for Cut Fibre

  • Color : Brown & Golden Brownn
  • Fiber Length : < 2 cm
  • Impurities : Below 3 %
  • Package : 25 Kg
  • Loadability : 22 Tons in 40'HC FCL
  • Moisture : Less than 15%

Long fiber

These Natural Coir Fiber are mainly used to replace foam materials in beds, seat cushion, coir mattress, coir doormats, geo textile, plant box, soil erosion prevention, mattresses, car seats, sofas, etc. coco fiber has many advantages in these applications mentioned.

Brown coir fiber is used mainly for filling mattresses and upholstery, for manufacture of needle felt pads used in innerspring mattresses, and in drainage filters with perforated pipes.

  • Quality Specs for Long Fibre

  • Color : Brown & Golden Brown
  • Fiber Length : 10 – 20 cms
  • Impurities : Below 3 %
  • Package : 100-120 Kg
  • Loadability : 22 Tons in 40'HC FCL
  • Moisture : Less than 15%
project image
Quality Assurance

We are an ISO and SEDEX Certified Company

  • E.C. and pH
  • Chemical composition
  • Buffering
  • Physical composition
  • Bulk density
Chemical parameters

EC. (Electrical Conductivity Ratio) of 1: 1. 5 ratio (1 cup of cocopeat: 1.5 cups of Distilled water) When an EC meter is inserted into the water it should show below < 0. 5

pH: Acidity or Alkaline of the Cocopeat Material should be within 6 -7.

Physical: Moisture content of 15 % - 18 % in Cocopeat. Organic Matter content > than 95%

Phytosanitary: Only safe materials free of germination seeds

Quality Standards

R.H.P. Norms - Dutch Research Lab for testing cocopeat products.

ISSCP - Indian Special Standards for Cocopeat.

Ash: on a dry basis not more than 3%

Total Organic matter: 84-98%

Organic Carbon (C): 45-50%

Lignin: 65-70%

Cellulose: 20-30%

Carbon / Nitrogen ratio: 80: 1

Product Specifications

Block size: 30cm x 30cm x 10cm

Weight: 5kg

Volume to Expansion: 1 kg of dry material must give not less than 15 liters of expanded material (max. 17 liters).

Weight of product at full water capacity: 350 – 400 kgs per cubic meter.

Sieving: 1/4 inch Sieved.

Questions and Answers

Why Duinkop Coco?

Duinkop Coco stands out as a truly vertically integrated company, seamlessly managing the entire process from coconut farms to fiber mills and peat manufacturing. We oversee every step, ensuring a reliable and controlled production process.

  • Will raw material quality affect the end product?

    Raw Material Quality Assurance At Duinkop, we prioritize raw material quality. Our massive atmospheric bunkers provide clean, weed-free storage, while our fiber mills supply raw materials with complete process control. Unlike competitors who store material in open fields, inviting weeds and pests, we have in-depth knowledge of our raw material sources.

  • Will there be a physical difference between cocos?

    Physical Differences in Cocos Our unique process involves storing material in bunkers at our factory, allowing it to undergo a crucial aging process before further processing. This results in mature and physically stable coco peat, a vital factor for growers. In contrast, some manufacturers process material in its fresh form, leading to poor stability and premature decomposition due to storage constraints.

  • Does location of factory make a difference?

    Factory Location does Matter. Duinkop’s strategic location away from the coast is a significant advantage. Coastal areas often face challenges with salt content, which can be detrimental to root growth in horticultural plants. Our factory, situated far from the coast, ensures our coco material is notably low in salt. With ample freshwater availability, we provide growers (clients) with a hassle-free solution, minimizing concerns.

  • Why pay premium for coco peat?

    Quality comes at a cost. Apart from Duinkop being an ISO 9001 company, the production process is regularly monitored by external RHP audits. These audits & feedback make our company a better facility to work with every passing year. Each of our container samples are stored in our lab for 6 months to monitor any weed issues. Since the coco peat sector is still highly unorganized, procuring material at cheaper prices from sub-standard location could result in huge problems for a grower.

  • Dealing with the middleman?

    We aim to distinguish ourselves from transient operators who conduct business solely through flashy websites, lacking genuine connections with product manufacturers. We extend invitations to prospective clients to visit our factory and witness our operations firsthand, substantiating our claim to excellence.

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